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Join the movement of HR professionals that are working collaboratively to innovate new ways of working to maximise the organisation's Human Capital Investment.

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The HR Rebellion Is Leading The Way

You are not alone as we are right behind you to create meaningful possibilities. We recognise that working in HR can be a thankless and lonely task, which is why we created the HR Rebellion community. There has never been a better time to explore modern and innovative solutions within professional and business development. Here at Peer Genius, we are committed to bringing you professional business tools and strategies that enable you to create the change to positively impact business performance.

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People Management Services to Bring Your Business Strategy To Life

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What Sets Us Apart

Our passion for creating high performing organisations is what drives us. We steer companies towards the right investments of time and resources. We view ourselves as a critical friend to the organisations we work with; fully embedding ourselves so we are best placed to offer creative solutions that are strategically aligned.

A Community of Innovation

As facilitators of this forward-thinking network, it gives you access to insights that can lead to solutions, based on real experiences and experiments.

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People-Centred Change

Toolkits and training that will transform your professional confidence and skills to evolve and meet the needs of every business.

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Modern Approaches

Peer Genius continuously improves and innovates thinking and strategies to help businesses and entrepreneurs overcome stubborn and complex organisational challenges.

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Client Testimonials

Charlotte Oza, Project Manager, GVO Capital

“We were recommended to Peer Genius to support us initially with outplacement support, for a large-scale redundancy process the organisation was undertaking. We received a highly professional service that supported the business to eliminate risk and aid a positive off-boarding process for the staff involved. As we were impressed with the fresh and innovative approach Peer Genius took to people management, we entered a conversation with them to support us with the redesign of the workforce. We had an initial in-depth scoping meeting, where they quickly gained a full understanding of the business needs, goals and aspirations. Peer Genius presented a well throughout proposal that challenged our thinking and brought new concepts and initiative to the table. We continue to receive a high-quality HR professional service that has allowed us to shape the business, whilst reducing costs and maximising investment to remain competitive given the global pandemic. Peer Genius has quickly become our HR specialist of choice, with their flexible approach, clarity of information and delivery set plan. It is a pleasure to work with them and highly recommend to any organisation for all your HR needs.”

How We Create Change

We take a partnership approach to ensure a return on investment and business goals are achieved


Full diagnostic of your people management processes, systems, practices and communication is undertaken.


Our commercial and risk management approach allows for innovation and sets your business on the right track for success. 


Implementation of systems, strategies and ways of working that are individual to your business needs and objectives.

Let's Get Social 

Join our Facebook group to meet other HR professionals to support you to transform your thinking. Giving you the confidence and competence to evolve, in order to meet the changing needs of business in 2021 and beyond.

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Support For HR Professionals

Sarah Potter founded Peer Genius in 2018 with one goal: to help human resource development professionals build a network of support worthy of every workplace. No more stubborn and complex employment problems, because our up-to-date, vetted and accredited legal and compliance professionals are only a phone call away. No more worrying you don't know everything, because you can now access resources for every situation you face. No more stress about how to engage stakeholders to be part of cultural change, because you can evidence outstanding practice and meaningful outcomes for every strategy you implement. Peer Genius gives professionals in every industry the leading edge in best practice tools and support to empower human-centred business growth and progress.

Client Testimonials

John Ord, People Director

"I was introduced to Sarah from Peer Genius as a mentor to help me develop as a people professional and create impact in our business. We quickly achieved this through a series of calls where I benefited from both Sarah’s HR expertise, reviewing pieces of work I was doing and her coaching skills. We worked together naturally from the start and the result was a tangible difference to the business and a clear direction for how to grow and develop into a career I can be proud of – not bad for just 3 months! It's rare to find someone that understands People/HR in the way that Sarah does and I will definitely keep working with her at every opportunity.”

Welcome From The Founder

Sarah Potter, CEO of Peer Genius

Hello, I am Sarah Potter. I have been interested in human resources since my early career. I have a Master's in Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton and a Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management. What is my passion? The sense of contentment I receive when I am aiding people and organisations to do better for themselves, each other, and those they serve.

I got into people management during my early career when I was 18 and had my first governmental HR leadership role at 21. This is when I innovated how we reviewed council employees based objectively on performance, not politics. The resources and tools I created from that experience laid the groundwork for me being able to grow and progress to solve bigger and more complex problems for larger organisations. This is why I created Peer Genius. My mission is to support CEOs, Managers and HR Professionals to develop great people management strategies. So start your journey with us today!

Are you ready to join the HR Rebellion?

Do you want to develop your career and organisation?  The HR Rebellion is designed for HR professionals and leaders, we are excited to reveal that our brand-new subscription includes:

  • Live Peer Mentoring
  • Innovation Lab
  • Career Development
  • Real-Time Answers
  • How-To Best Practice
  • Library Of Resources
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Full-Service People Management Support 

We view ourselves as a trusted partner to the organisations we work with; fully embedding ourselves so we are best placed to offer creative solutions that are strategically aligned to the business needs.

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