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Support For HR Professionals

We have developed this subscription on the back of how we felt and the challenges we faced when working in HR. We recognise that HR can be a lonely and thankless role, even to the point when there is nowhere to go for meaningful advice and support. On other occasions, there's so much out there and it's easy to get confused and frustrated with the amount of information. We would like to challenge the status quo and bring you the most modern approaches (all in one place!) so that you can develop your career and organisation with meaningful and practical tools that are immediately implementable in your workplace. Our growing community and expert interviews Q&As provide a place where you can get your workplace challenges resolved, helping you take control of your HR career and get the recognition you deserve.


Member Feedback

Laura O’Keeffe, HR Manager, Building & Plumbing Supplies Ltd

“Being a member of HR Rebellion has supported me to collaborate and regularly network. I have gained a fantastic mentor that I can seek advice from as and when I need it. I regularly attend the online webinars that are informative and interactive, enabling me to consistently upskill and learn on the job.”

Leading The Way In People-Centred Change

HR Rebellion leads with intention, practicality, and purpose to develop powerful, sustainable support for your professional growth and progress. We know every workplace is different, that's why we started the HR Rebellion: we are the professional network that is the meeting place for professionals and vetted, accredited experts who are here with you every step of the way through the challenges of the workday.

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Access a wide range of learning and development resources and live events. New people management related topics are discussed each month with the opportunity to ask live questions to industry experts.

Special Offer! 50% Off the First Month with Code: PGHR50

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Features of the HR Rebellion Subscription

Live Peer Mentoring

Each and every week, HR Rebellion's leadership team are following the discussions and happenings of our community. We invite credible, accredited professionals to take part in the live, weekly peer mentoring calls where you'll experience first-hand the power of people-centred advice and support for employment law, recruitment, organisational change, stakeholder engagement and more!

Innovation Lab

HR Rebellion is about recognising success and building best practices out of the challenges we face at work. We regularly invite industry leaders to join us for insightful, thought-provoking Q&As led by the HR Rebellion team. Every session is different, and we are always seeking unique challenges, successes and strategies that will engage and invoke business change.

Peer Networking

HR Rebellion is first and foremost a community for industry professionals of all abilities. Peer support in our forums helps you create a support network, enabling you to grow and expand your professional practice to meet the needs of your industry. Validate your knowledge, support your peers, and gain new insight from other sectors and industries.

Real-Time Answers

HR Rebellion is the network that puts your questions, your ideas and your challenges to vetted, accredited experts and industry specialists to answer. Rebels love being part of great dialogue, join us to be part of the conversation.

How-To Best Practice

Access a growing, professionally managed library of up-to-date resources on a wide range of topics, including employment law, culture change, data analytics, compliance and more!

Career Development

Wherever you are, HR Rebellion believes you can go even further. Get insider knowledge, expert tools and job search resources to make your career growth easier and more direct.

Member Feedback

Sadiya Mir, HR Professional

“I highly recommend Peer Genius because it provides an opportunity to connect and share knowledge and expertise with other HR professionals. Being a member of the network has supported me to build my HR network, connecting me to like-minded peers, and providing a platform for accessing resources and ask questions.”

Benefits of Joining HR Rebellion:

  • Bitesize, real-time and interactive learning
  • Upskill personally, professionally and in business
  • A modern approach with new ways of thinking and doing HR
  • Fast-track your growth by learning practical strategies from experts and industry specialists
  • Tools and opportunities to excel in your career
  • Learn immediately implementable strategies to transform HR
  • Discover ways to leverage your organisations biggest assets
  • Stay motivated and resilient
  • Connect with like-minded professionals with similar goals
  • Ask the experts how to deal with your most pressing challenges
  • No need to feel lonely or frustrated – we have a big community to network and connect with

Member Feedback

Jennifer Mosley-Bradley, Head of HR, Palletways

“Sarah is the kind person who brings sunshine with her when she enters a room. She is strategic yet operational, positive and a joy to work with at Peer Genius. I really enjoy supporting Sarah and her fantastic network. She never ceases to amaze me with her ideas, support and smart, high energy approach.”

Topics We Cover Include:

  • How to get buy-in and sell your strategy
  • How to add value to the business
  • How to demonstrate an ROI
  • HR foundations and compliance
  • Managing stakeholders and gaining credibility
  • Understanding the business needs
  • Understanding data and people analytics
  • Understanding HRIS systems
  • Corporate Finance
  • Stakeholder Awareness and Management
  • Culture Understanding and Assessment

50% OFF Your First Month

First Month Only £23.50

Regular Price £47 Per Month

Access a wide range of learning and development resources and live webinars. New HR-related topics are covered each month, with the opportunity to ask questions from industry experts and specialists. Special Offer! 50% OFF the First Month with Code: PGHR50

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The Practical Application Of People Management

At HR Rebellion, you'll never worry about where to get support. Do you have questions? We have answers, tools and strategies, webinars and conferences, career development and wellbeing strategies, how-to for tools and best practices, and direct Q&As with experts that top companies and small businesses already trust to implement change, improve people management, create outstanding offers for recruitment and retention, and realise expert guidance to quickly resolve stubborn and complex workplace challenges. Are you still waiting for the great support to build your career? HR Rebellion is here!